Harnessing Unlimited Hydropower: SOLUTION TO POWER CRISIS:



NO THERMAL (FOSSIL OR NUCLEAR) is needed ONLY HYDRO is enough. Earth is blessed with unlimited hydropower.




Harnessing Unlimited Hydropower: SOLUTION TO POWER CRISIS:

                Applying the property of standing still water column, pressure in a given water column varies according to its height (it is not so in running water column), to a running water condition has been a blunder in hydropower engineering. Considering the fluid properties (pressure is exerted equally in all directions) of water in running condition (Bernoulli Theory – pressure throughout the uniform running water column is uniform) and the characteristics of gravitational force (at a given point never reduced nor blocked nor shifted), multiple turbines installed in series along only one water flowing uniform pipe can operate independently and uniformly without decreasing efficiency of each one. In hydropower installations, only reason to keep water running is for keeping turbine rotating consistently. Water uses the force of gravity (G) to gain velocity. ‘G’ powers the water. So actually it is G-power not hydro-power. Because the turbines rotate with the same velocity as the rushing water, the turbines don’t decrease the power of running water. Water continues flowing with the same velocity in uniform pipe after hitting the runner of the turbines. THEREFORE IT IS POSSIBLE TO RUN MULTIPLE TURBINES IN SERIES AND HARNESS UNLIMITED HYDROPOWER by just adding turbines in the existing infrastructures. As for example, water meter is a good example of miniature turbine. Many water meters can be connected along the same water supplying pipe and run all of them uniformly. So there is no need of new projects. At the moment we are harnessing only minimum hydropower because of the mistake.






DETAILS and video clip: devbahadurdongol.blogspot.com             email: dev.dangol@yahoo.co.uk


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